We protect Chicago Organizations from CyberCrime and Ransomware

Businesses must now prioritize budgeting for ransomware protection as it has become essential, NOT OPTIONAL!

Imagine waking up on a Monday, and suddenly your computer network is completely down. Someone has locked all your files and is asking for $250,000 in Bitcoin within 48 hours. If you don’t pay, they’ll reveal your stolen data and lock you out of your computers forever.

What would you do? How would it affect your business, team, and clients? And don’t think it can’t happen just because you’re a small business.

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Defend against, Address, or Avoid Ransomware

Having certified experts for quick response and thorough remediation is crucial. Chicago Computer Network or CCN can halt threat actors and restore your business and information security systems to a stable state.

Diminished Risk of Exposure

Breach Forensics and Root Cause Analysis


Business Email Compromise (BEC) Investigation


Ransomware Negotiation and Cryptocurrency Payment Services


Social Engineering Fraud Investigation


IT Restoration Services (On-site and Remote)


Deep and Dark Web Monitoring


Federal law, through the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), requires U.S. businesses to perform cybersecurity audits twice a year. These audits find vulnerabilities and threats in your systems, ensuring your policies and procedures are effective.

Don’t risk being a ransomware victim. Our confidential  Cyber SecurityAssessment, conducted by experienced professionals, will identify potential entry points for hackers. Let us give your organization a second look for safety and enhanced protection.

Is your current IT provider letting your organization down?

Do they encrypt important files?

Are they protecting your network from unauthorized access?

Will they provide cybersecurity training for your staff?

Are your backups current and easily accessible?

How do they effectively manage and secure privileged accounts within your organization?

Do they have a response plan in case of a cyber attack or data breach?

Why Act Now? Here is why:

Our certified teams have diverse expertise to handle different cyber threats from email compromise to phishing, data breaches, encrypted systems and compliance issues. We’re also experienced in rebuilding any part of your system that may be irrecoverable. Additionally, our team is well-versed in ransom negotiations and can seamlessly work with your legal counsel.

Avoid becoming the next victim of ransomware.

Experience our effortless and confidential Network Assessment, revealing potential entry points for hackers into your network. Let our skilled professionals conduct a thorough examination, providing peace of mind by ensuring your organization is well-protected.