Managed Network Monitoring

What are the consequences of not having a Network Management Monitoring Solution in place? 

If your organization don’t have a Network Management Monitoring Solution it can raise concerns for your company, below are the key concerns; 

Unplanned Downtime – It’s a big deal that downtime can result a significant impact on your business. Not just losing you a lot of potential sales but also disrupting your daily operations. Your worst nightmare is you have to spend a lot of time trying to get your network back online.  

Security Vulnerabilities – When running a business your data security is critical particularly when handling sensitive customer data. Without a Network Management Monitoring Solution in place, your organization becomes more susceptible to security vulnerabilities. 

Performance Degradation – It’s difficult to be productive when you’re always do chasing down and fixing network problems. 

Inefficient Resource Allocation – Without monitoring network resources may be underutilized or misallocated, resulting in unnecessary operational costs. 

Limited Visibility – The absence of real-time insights into your network health and performance makes it challenging to identify and resolve issues promptly. 

Regulatory Non-compliance – Without network management sometimes lead to non-compliance with industry regulations and data protection laws that potentially result in fines and legal liabilities. 

Your Benefits of having CCN Network Monitoring & Management 

Maintaining Compliance – You need to maintain your compliance whatever kind of business you run. There are several requirements that various sorts of businesses must comply to – HIPAA compliance is required for medical organizations, while FISMA compliance is required for government organizations.  We can help you stay on top of applicable regulations. CCN can help you maintain compliance while we keep your network secure by constant monitoring and updates. 

Minimizing Network Unavailability – It is true that significant impact of your business is when your network is down, you lose a lot of sales, potential clients and trying to get your network back online can cost you money and time. Our approach is personal and proactive meaning you always have somebody keeping an eye on your network and working to avoid downtime. CCN can help you keep your network and system updated without interfering with your critical business hours. 

Mitigating Security Intrusions – Attack online and the security of data is crucial when you have a business running, many unauthorized access and malware infiltration doing underground job just to gain access on your network. CCN employ vigilant network monitoring systems to detect unusual or suspicious network activity. When an issue is detected our alerts and automated responses will provide action to block security breaches and safeguard your business operation. 

Enhancing IT Team Productivity – It is hard for your IT Department to being productive when you’re constantly spending resources on fixing network issues. We assist your IT Department in monitoring your network and allow your IT team to focus on being more productive rather than continuously keeping eye on your network. Your IT team will receive a valuable insights and diagnostic data from us.   

Return of Investment (ROI) – Not only you avoid network interruptions, downtime or other challenges that hinder your business from reaching its full potential but we will also help you maximize your financial resources. We optimize resource usage and network performance and help you avoid unnecessary hardware upgrades and operational expenses that are not necessary, this will result in boosting your return on investment. 

Prevent Outages – It is prostrating that every time your network experiences downtime you also lose the ability to generate more sales, address customer service inquiries, and manage the day-to-day operations vital to your business success. CCN network management solutions will help you prevent downtime by analyzing data, identifying patterns, and addressing issues proactively. With our online network monitoring, you also benefit from rapid response times in the event of a security breach or network problem. Preventing outages not only save your financial resources but also ensures customer satisfaction, which are two of the most critical aspects to prioritize when managing a business. 


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