Accounting firms and accountants in Chicago,

do you want to ensure that you are complying with the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) rules and regulations? 

The FTC has a number of rules that apply to accounting firms including rules on data security, privacy and fair practices and compliance with these rules can be complex and time-consuming but it is essential to protect your customers and avoid costly legal problems.

Here are some of the key FTC compliance requirements you need for your accounting firms

      • Data security – You must have safeguards in place to protect customer information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure and this includes implementing strong passwords, encrypting sensitive data and conducting regular security audits. 
      • Privacy – You must obtain consent from customers before collecting or using their personal information and you must also provide customers with access to their personal information and delete it upon request. 
      • Fair practices – As an accounting firm you must avoid engaging in unfair or deceptive practices such as making false and misleading claims about their services or charging hidden fees. 
    • If you are not sure whether your accounting firm is complying with all of the FTC’s rules and regulations it is important to seek professional help and ask from a qualified compliance professional to develop and implement a compliance program that meets the FTC’s requirements.  

Here are some of the benefits of working with a compliance professional:


      • Expertise – A qualified compliance professional has the expertise to help you understand the FTC’s complex rules and regulations.
      • Efficiency – A qualified compliance professional can help you to develop and implement a compliance program quickly and efficiently.
      • Peace of mind – Working with a qualified compliance professional can give you peace of mind knowing that your accounting firm is meeting all of the FTC’s requirements.
      • If you’re committed to following the FTC’s rules and regulations you can contact Chicago Computer Network for FREE CONSULTATION today or Download your free FTC Report.