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E-mail Security

by | Jun 10, 2021

Our network and security experts monitor networks around the clock to improve employee efficiency and protect your network, your users, and your bottom line.

What’s the easiest way to bypass a firewall? Send an e-mail, and it’ll go right through a firewall in your office. Cybercriminals upped their game; they can extract monies from companies without even penetrating company resources. E-mail security is one of the crucial layers of security; it can prevent the origination of a devastating attack. Our E-mail security relies on best practice rules and dynamic rules driven by an Artificial Intelligence engine running behind the scenes.

Managed Email Security Services

CCN’s managed email security services are designed to filter undesired access and mishandling or phishing through unprotected emails.

Almost every modern business relies heavily on emails for business communications. Hackers know this and understand that the best way to access your business details is through malicious emails. In the modern days, malicious emails are the most common ways to gain access to your network. At CCN, we bring to you comprehensive managed email security services to help protect your network through a combination of inbound filtering, virus scanning, and cloud-based threat detection.

With our managed email security services, our partners have peace of mind and confidence in the security of their emails, knowing that we ensure the complete safety of their business network and data.

Our email security services include:

  • Multi-layer SPAM filtering
  • Email virus protection
  • Email-born malware protection
  • Outbound filtering
  • Conversation injection prevention
  • Anti-phishing protection

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  • Malware filtering
  • Virus filtering
  • Spam filtering
  • Real-Time Spear Phishing Defense
  • Real-Time Cyber Fraud Defense
  • Domain Fraud Visibility and Protection
  • Protection Against Account Takeover and Insider Risk
  • Enhanced E-mail settings