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Security assessment

by | Jun 10, 2021

The secret is out; cybercrime, ransomware is at all times high. Hackers prey on insecure devices, networks and will take everything they can put their hands on. Most of those attacks can be deflected and prevented when proper security measures are in place.

Our certified security experts will analyze your network environment, network devices, remote workforce to identify risks and avoid future attacks. We will prepare detailed reports as well as executive overviews for you.

Many people think that hackers will not target small businesses as they don’t have much money. That cannot be further from the truth. Often small businesses don’t have proper security in place and will pay ransom to get back in businesses.

IT Security Assessment

Get a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity environment to determine the best strategy and build an effective defense.

Protecting sensitive business information or data from unchecked security threats is a constant challenge for small businesses worldwide. Since most businesses don’t have the time, expertise, or tools to analyze their current network or infrastructure against industry best practices, CCN brings to you the most advanced security assessment services, focusing on areas of your business, vulnerability, phishing, etc., compliance, and more. Our security assessment services can help address compliance and IT security risks on an enterprise-wide basis. Our team works 24/7 to identify critical gaps in your IT architecture to prevent you from achieving your information security goals and objectives.

Who We Serve?

At CCN, we offer a range of comprehensive managed IT and security services to businesses across Rockford, IL. The goal is to protect every digital asset from voluntary or involuntary leakage, unauthorized modification, or deletion. Our Managed IT and Security services are suitable for businesses, including:


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