If you’ve taken steps to meet PCI DSS Requirements but are uncertain about your Level of Compliance, Chicago Computer Network can perform a COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT of your organization and evaluate each relevant DSS requirement. This Assessment will help you in assessing your readiness for compliance validation. 

The Significance of PCI Compliance 

The Evolution of Payment Processing Technology has seen a shift from Traditional Cash Registers to Contemporary Electronic Point of Sale (POS) Terminals and Digital Card Machines. These Machines once reliant on Phone Lines have now established their own Secure Networks. However, despite Technological Advancements Payment Card Transactions continue to carry inherent risks. 

Modern Payment Card Transactions involves a Complex Network of participants including Vendors, Merchants, Payment Processing Networks and Credit Card Companies.  

With more Stakeholders in the mix, the Risk Factor Increases, highlighting the Critical need for Robust Security Measures throughout the entire DATA TRANSMISSION PROCESS. The Payment Card Industry forms a finely tuned Ecosystem in which each participant relies on the others to prioritize CyberSecurity measures for the Protection of Cardholder Data. 

How Can I Achieve PCI Compliance? 

Chicago Computer Network (CCN) is a Trusted Service Provider that offers Comprehensive Solutions to help Businesses Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance. Here are the Steps you can follow to achieve PCI Compliance with CCN Services:

      • We will Conduct a COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT of your Systems and Processes to detect vulnerabilities and Non-Compliance Issues. 
      • We will work with your organization to DEVELOP A COMPLIANCE PLAN after Identifying Areas that need improvement. 
      • We will implement robust NETWORK SECURITY measures such as Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems.
      • We help ENCRYPT DATA in transit and at rest to Protect Cardholder Data.
      • Strict ACCESS CONTROLS and Authentication Mechanisms are established to limit access to Sensitive Information.
      • We will provide CONTINUOUS MONITORING, Vulnerability Scans and Compliance Assessments.
      • We help develop an INCIDENT RESPONSE PLAN for potential Security Breaches.
      • We guide you through the ANNUAL PCI COMPLIANCE ASSESSMENT to stay up to date with Standards and Regulations. 

Our team of PCI COMPLIANCE CONSULTANTS is available to assist you in preparing for your Upcoming PCI Accreditations. We can also conduct an Impartial IT Audit for your Business. If you are Currently facing any PCI Compliance Challenges, Our Team is Well-equipped to Provide Solutions. Throughout our years of Practice, We have established Valuable Connections and Relationships. 


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