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Managed IT & Security Services In Rockford, IL

by | Oct 11, 2022

Our network and security experts monitor networks around the clock to improve employee efficiency and protect your network, your users, and your bottom line.

Managed IT & Security Services In Rockford, IL

When it comes to running a small business, chances are you already wear multiple hats. You have a team of professionals to train, and you will have leads and potential customers to take care of. You have to handle the office administrative tasks. While all these can be handled with ease, taking care of your company’s IT needs can be challenging as it needs specialization in the field to handle the task.

CCN assures you that our experts will handle all your IT needs. When you partner with CCN, you won’t just sign up for a better product or another vendor — you establish a long-term relationship with our certified and experienced Technical Support experts.

As a leader in offering the best managed IT and security services in Rockford, IL, we can provide an entire IT department, from CTO consulting to support and engineering; we work with businesses of all sizes, the smallest client has 20 employees, and the largest has 2,000+. Our services address compliance and statutory requirements to help businesses sail through regulatory audits.

                           Here’s What We Do


Managed IT

Say goodbye to those technical glitches or frustrations your team faces due to an improper IT infrastructure or support. We offer the best managed IT services in Rockford, IL, to help keep your systems running smoothly with efficient and proactive support. Our managed IT services come with 24/7 helpdesk support.

Managed IT Security

Does your business operation involve various financial transactions, or do you have important data to protect from hackers? We have got you covered with our managed security services in Rockford, IL, to protect your employees, vendors, partners, and customers against these threats. We are specialists in protecting businesses against ransomware, phishing, stolen passwords, or any other type of attack.

Secured WFH

After COVID-19, the way many businesses work has changed, and Work From Home (WFH) is the new standard these days. But the security here is a big concern as not everyone who opts for WFH works with the secured network. We ensure that your business data remains safe, regardless of where your team is working from.

Cloud Management

Increasing cloud adoption isn’t just offering global businesses touch new opportunities, but also it involves a lot of complexities. If the Cloud doesn’t streamline your IT processes, you may never capture its full benefits. We have experts to customize Cloud Platforms, configure flows, and manage all aspects of it.

Cloud Management

Increasing cloud adoption isn’t just offering global businesses touch new opportunities, but also it involves a lot of complexities. If the Cloud doesn’t streamline your IT processes, you may never capture its full benefits. We have experts to customize Cloud Platforms, configure flows, and manage all aspects of it.

Ransomware Prevention

Prevention, Protection, and Removal are the three main factors to be addressed to combat the danger of ransomware. At CCN, we ensure complete protection against ransomware through continuous monitoring to resolve any problems quickly. Our multi-layer security approach will make your business not attractive to hackers. We always keep a close eye on suspicious messages that are identified and removed using advanced email protection technologies.

IT Monitoring

We are not just available to help you with the Technical needs that your team may have, but we are actively monitoring your systems to analyze your IT infrastructure. Our highly advanced system will keep you informed about technical issues, and we will take immediate action to remedy issues before they grow into problems.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan to protect your business from a scenario like a total and complete loss of data. Our team will review your current data backup system and offer a suitable solution to prevent any unfortunate situation. The goal is to keep your business running.


                           Here’s How We Do IT


We Understand Your Business

Just like every business is different, their IT needs are also not the same. We will work with you to understand your unique needs and expectations and create a unique plan just for your company. We will manage all aspects of IT, and keep your business secure, working like a well oiled machine

We’re Proactive in Solving Problems

There is no sense in sitting idle and then acting in a hurry when something happens. Our monitoring system will closely watch all core components of your systems. We will correct all issues before they can evolve into problems and cause costly outage or downtime.


We Keep IT Simple

Unlike other businesses that often make things complex and costly by making IT services look challenging, we will make it a breeze for anyone to handle. We are available on-call to answer all your questions related to IT systems and get the job done quickly.

Unmatched IT Services

When you work with CCN, the difference becomes visible from the first interaction. We work with some of the top talents in the Managed IT Industry, so you get unmatched support, which is what you will get with us.


Experts Who Know Technology

We have a team of certified and highly experienced IT specialists who will go above and beyond to help businesses with the best-managed IT and security services in Rockford, IL. Choosing CCN as your Technology partner will be your best business decision.

We Use Highly Advanced Technology

We know that we are working in an industry that needs to help businesses keep working round the clock, which is why we have invested in the best technology and tools, so you get nothing but the best. The latest technology allows us to provide the best Managed IT and security services to our clients across the region.


Who We Serve?

At CCN, we offer a range of comprehensive managed IT and security services to businesses across Rockford, IL. The goal is to protect every digital asset from voluntary or involuntary leakage, unauthorized modification, or deletion. Our Managed IT and Security services are suitable for businesses, including:

⚫Healthcare                                           ⚫ Government Facilities                   ⚫Construction

⚫Law firms                                              ⚫ Agriculture                                      ⚫Media

⚫Non-profits                                           ⚫Entertainment                                ⚫ Real Estate

⚫Education / School Districts              ⚫Financial                                          ⚫Telecommunications

⚫Medical & Pharmaceuticals              ⚫Software                                         ⚫Transportation

Complete Managed IT & Security So You Can Focus On What You Do Better!

As a business owner, you have many roles to play. And since hiring an in-house team for managing the IT department is not feasible for everyone, CCN brings you the complete solution for hassle-free business operations. When you don’t have to worry about the IT systems at work, you will have more time to focus on things that matter. There’s a reason why most businesses are now turning to our Intelligent and all-inclusive managed IT services, commitment to quality, and effortless IT solutions by top professionals in the industry.

We are specialists in offering complete managed IT and security services – let us know what you need!

Start saving your time and money with CCN.