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Cloud-Based Office 365

With an Office 365 subscription, you get the latest Office apps; Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint and more. Not only on your desktop, but also the online versions, and updates when they happen, meaning you’re always up to date.

This is true for all your devices. Whether you are working on your desktop, your tablet, or your phone, Office 365 + your device + the Internet = productivity wherever you are, stored in the cloud. Making the work you do available to you, and to others when you collaborate or share, from anywhere.

Cloud-Based Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)


Less expensive and faster to implement

Operational Cost

Usually based on usage


Anywhere anytime accessibility


Identify and target the right people


No extra capital expenditure


Deliver excellent customer service

CCN has been working with Microsoft Dynamics since the launch of version 1.0.  It will be hard to find any service provider with a better qualified and experienced team than our CRM specialists. Our experts helped numerous companies, throughout many verticals.

Cloud-based Security

  • Firewalls. 24/7 remote firewall management
  • Server Security.  24/7 server security management. Instant problem remediation
  • Workstation Security. Benefit from 24/7 workstation security
  • Network Security.  Feel secured with enhanced network security
  • Patch Management.  After-hours patch management without affecting business operations.
  • Stay Safe from Ransomware Attack. Prevent ransomware attack, avoid system lock-down
  • Prevent Malware Attack. Prevent malware from affecting your core operations
  • Prevent Data Leak. Prevent unauthorized file access
  • System Crash. Prevent system- crash and downtime
  • Unauthorized Access. Prevent unauthorized access by third parties, contractors, or employees

CCN can effectively manage your enterprise using secure cloud technologies. All work is performed after business hours to minimize downtime and loss of productivity. Our clients enjoy stable and safe working environments and virtually zero computer problems which boost productivity.

Cloud-Based File Sharing

Enhance file-security through transit and storage encryption.

Large Files
Easily share large files up to 10GB in size

Private Infrastructure
Files to reside on private cloud for added security

Add space on the fly, grow to 100TB with a click of a button.

Our cloud-based file-sharing feature will provide you with secure file storage while you maintain control over all files at any time. Share documents with ease, monitor file access logs, and get e-mail notifications. We can host it on our hardware or yours, redundant cloud will add additional layer of security.

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