Hiring Managers Become Latest Targets of Emerging Malware Scam.

In online security, a fresh threat has surfaced, and it’s targeting hiring managers and recruiters. Let’s take a closer look at this cyber danger and understand how it works.

The TA4557 Cyber Threat Explained

Tricky Emails

The bad actors behind TA4557 start by sending seemingly harmless emails asking about job positions. These emails don’t have suspicious links or attachments but instead rely on fooling people through trust.

Selena Larson, a cybersecurity expert, says, “The trickery is convincing, leading up to the download of a file from the resume website.”

Sneaky Downloads

The threat gets more dangerous as it tricks people into downloading resumes from websites controlled by the attackers. This helps them avoid standard security checks.

They tell victims to “use the domain name of my email address to access my portfolio,” making it harder for security systems to catch them.

Tricky Tests

To make things even sneakier, the attackers use tests like CAPTCHAs on their websites. If victims pass these tests, they’re directed to download a file.

Larson explains that CAPTCHAs are used to make sure a real person is getting the content and not an automated security system.

Invisible Malware

Once victims download the file, they unknowingly install a sneaky malware called “more_eggs.” This malware doesn’t leave a typical trail for antivirus software to detect.

Keegan Keplinger, a cybersecurity expert, highlights, “Because it’s fileless, antivirus software can’t easily spot it.”

Linked to Cyber Gangs

This malware, also known as Golden Chickens, is linked to Russian cyber gangs and has been causing trouble since 2017.

It’s distributed by a group called VENOM SPIDER and has been a go-to tool for cyber gangs FIN6 and Cobalt Group.

TA4557’s Unique Traits

Researchers have noticed that TA4557 has unique characteristics that set it apart from other cyber threats. They use different tools, target specific groups, and have their own way of operating.


How to Stay Safe

Team Up Against Threats

As cyber threats get smarter, it’s crucial for cybersecurity experts and businesses to work together and stay one step ahead.

Stay Alert in Hiring

People involved in hiring processes need to be extra careful and aware to stop these sneaky attacks.


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