“Are you HIPAA compliant?” and “Can you prove that you were compliant 3 months ago?”

These are not just inquiries. They represent a critical challenge that Healthcare Organizations and Businesses must address. HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a federal law designed to Safeguard Patient Data and ensure its Privacy and Security. 

Achieving HIPAA compliance involves adhering to a set of Privacy and Security Standards. It requires Healthcare Providers, Health Plans, Healthcare Clearinghouses, and their Business Associates to Safeguard Sensitive Patient Health Information. 

HIPAA compliance is not a ONE-TIME EFFORT. It’s an Ongoing Commitment. It means you should be ready to demonstrate your adherence to HIPAA requirements not just today but for any given point in the past. 

Our Services Cover for HIPAA 

    • HIPAA Gap Analysis: 

          • Our EXPERT CONSULTANTS will conduct a Comprehensive HIPAA Gap Analysis of your organization’s existing Policies, Procedures and Technical Safeguards. 
          • Identify Gaps and Vulnerabilities in your current HIPAA compliance framework. 
          • Provide a Detailed Report outlining areas that require improvement to align with HIPAA regulations. 


          • We prepare your Network for HIPAA audits by implementing the necessary Security Measures and Controls to Protect Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). 
          • Configure Firewalls, Encryption and Access Controls to secure ePHI. 
          • Ensure Network Monitoring and Incident Response Procedures are in place. 


          • Stay current with HIPAA Compliance Requirements, as regulations evolve. 
          • Regularly assessment and update your organization’s Policies and Procedures to remain compliant. 
          • Offer Ongoing Support and Guidance to maintain your HIPAA Compliance. 


          • Assist in Creation and Maintenance of HIPAA-compliant Documentation, Including Policies, Procedures, and Security Plans. 
          • Provide HIPAA training for your staff to ensure they’re aware of their responsibilities regarding ePHI security. 


          • Prepare your organization for potential HIPAA audits. 
          • Review your Security Policies, Procedures and Documentation to ensure Readiness. 
          • Offer guidance and support throughout the audit process. 

Please note that while we offer Comprehensive Services to help you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance, WE DO NOT PROVIDE an official Certification of Compliance as this is typically issued by Regulatory Authorities or Certifying Bodies. Our aim is to prepare your Organization for Compliance and help you Prove your Adherence to HIPAA requirements during Audits. 


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