Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Make sure a disaster doesn’t stop your business.

Unexpected disasters can occur at any time, and it’s crucial to assess your business’s preparedness. If a disaster were to strike now, do you have a strategy in place to recover valuable data and mitigate potential losses? At Chicago Computer Network, we collaborate with industry leaders to deliver top-notch Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions.

Our services include cutting-edge backup technology that securely transfers your files to offsite storage. Your data is replicated and can be restored promptly, enabling you to minimize downtime significantly and swiftly resume normal business operations.

1 out of every 5 companies lacks a disaster recovery plan, even though statistics reveal that 40% to 60% of small businesses never reopen following a cybersecurity disaster.

What’s included in our Managed IT Services

Data Replication

We’ll create a backup of your backups to eliminate a single point of failure

Data Recovery Planning

You’ll receive a detailed plan of action to follow during disasters

Maximum Security

Our remote data center is protected by multiple layers of security

The Benefits & Features of CCN’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Preserves Your Brand Value and Reputation

Protects Your Business in the Event of a Disaster

Deploys Backups of Necessary Systems

Ensures Compliance with Industry Standards

Audits the Backup Infrastructure

Maintains Your Infrastructure for Potential Issues

Why CCN’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Services?

In Chicago Computer Network, we believe that protecting your important data is beyond just numbers and files for us it also represents the dedication and hard work you invest on that data. We value your hard work as well as your data and by keeping your data safe we also make sure that you stay resilient when unexpected issues arise 

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