Chief Technology Officer in Chicago:

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CTO Planning Services in Chicago:

If your business relies on technology, you require someone to guide its strategy and align it with your company’s objectives. While some businesses hire costly in-house Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chicago Computer Network offers the same services at a fraction of the cost, along with additional advantages exclusive to our platform.

CTO is in charge of handling a company’s technology and making rules about it. It use the know-how to make sure that the technology choices fit with what the organization wants to achieve.


Chicago Computer Network helps businesses of all sizes with affordable Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services. Having a tech expert at the top is crucial for using new ideas in your plans. 

Even small decisions in meetings can really affect your business. Trusting tech choices to experts is important. Our team at Chicago Computer Network has been helping businesses make important decisions since 2001.

Starting with your business goals, we customize our help to be your CTO within your limits. Work with our IT consulting team to get the benefits at a lower cost. Think of us as your on-demand part-time ready to help with any tech challenge or idea from start to finish.

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You can count on our CTO services for:

Coming up with ideas to solve tech challenges.

Finding ways to make your business processes work better.

Matching new tech with what your business needs.

Getting advice on anything related to technology.

Helping team members or people outside your business communicate better.

Managing tech projects from start to finish.

Why Act Now? Here is why:

When you collaborate with a Chicago Computer Network Technology Officer, you’re getting strategic planning services tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Chicago. Our Technology Officers bring industry knowledge and strategic insights to the table. 

At Chicago Computer Network, our clients not only benefit from the expertise of a Technology Officer but also from our skilled and qualified team that support various services.

For more information about our CTO services in Chicago and nearby areas, contact us today. We’re eager to start creating your Technology Action Plan (TAP) and develop a strategy to enhance your business through aligned technology.